FAQ / Unmanned Hotel mizuka

How to check-in & Hotel Rules

For information about how to check-in at the mizuka Hotel, please read How to check-in & Hotel Rules page.
Due to the characteristics of mizuka Hotel as an unmanned hotel, the check-in method is different from general hotels, so please be sure to check before you stay. Thank you.


For frequently asked questions, please read the Q&A.

Covid-19 infection prevention measures and Requests for our guests

At the mizuka Hotel, in order to prevent infection with covid-19, we ask our guests to take the following preventive measures.

* Covid-19 measures at mizuka Hotel

  • Check-in uses a tablet system, which is non-contact & non-face-to-face employees.
  • The rooms and facilities are regularly open and ventilated.
  • Areas that guests touch, such as guest rooms and public space, are wiped and disinfected with a disinfectant.

* Request to Guests

  • At check-in, we ask all guests to measure the tempareture.
    Please note that in principle, check-in is not possible for those with a body temperature of 37.5C or higher.
  • Please wear a mask during your stay.
  • We have installed disinfectants for hands and fingertips. Please disinfect diligently. Also, please wash your hands when you return to your room.
  • Elevators and public space should be used at intervals between guests, avoiding congestion.
  • If you have a fever or feel unwell during your stay, we recommend that you immediately contact guest support, report to a health center, or visit a medical institution if necessary.

We are making various efforts so that all guests can spend their time with peace of mind.

Thank you for your cooperation.